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The 5 Nicest Airports in the World

With the invention of flight, we became more of a global community.  Flying around the world is no longer reserved only for the rich or famous, as more and more are learning to do so, even on a budget. With the rise in air travelers also comes a great burden on the airports, many of which were not prepared for the huge growth spurt most have experienced over the past decade. While some airports are experiencing growing pains, others have harnessed technology and modern conveniences to create a truly memorable and rewarding experience for air travelers. When planning air travel, it’s best to know what to expect, which will help reduce any disappointments. Although, some airports might quite surprise you in the level of luxury they afford. Following are our picks of the Top 5 Airports in the World.

5.  Amsterdam Airport SchipholSchiphol greatly represents the friendly hospitality of the Netherlands.  If you have a long layover or delays, no need to fret, as you can enjoy your time viewing fine art at Rijksmuseum, relax with a massage, play a game of poker in the casino, or pass time with some fine dining or shopping.

4.  Hong Kong International AirportWhat makes Hong Kong so popular, aside from the fact that it’s less than five flying hours away from half of the world’s population, is the cleanliness, great dining and efficient baggage delivery.  If you have a long layover, you might enjoy the nine-hole golf course and great shopping opportunities.

3.  Munich AirportIn the event of major delays due to inclement weather or other reasons, Munich has you covered with cozy cots to sleep on. If you don’t wish to sleep in public, there are numerous hotels at the airport to choose from.  Munich also offers a spa, showers, an aircraft museum, cinema, minigolf, and many more great amenities to pass time and find comfort while passing through.

2.  Incheon International AirportThis rather young airport houses a museum of Korean culture and offers much to do in the case of delays.  Incheon offers engaging cultural shows, hands-on crafts, affordable dining on fine cuisine, and even tranquil Zen gardens throughout the airport.

1.  Singapore Changi Airport –Between luxurious amenities, including an outdoor pool, butterfly garden, four-story slide, movie theaters, spas, showers and free foot massages, along with top rate security, expedient immigration processing, and cleanliness, Changi easily tops the list.  Go to Changi Airport and you may never want to leave!

Air travel can be quite stressful, but when airports are equipped with the type of leisure amenities provided in our top 5 airports of the world, not only does one stress less, but can also enjoy oneself in comfort and style.  A trip to any of these airports can easily seem like a quick mini-vacation. It’s no wonder all five of these airports have received numerous awards for excellence in service and amenities.


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