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The 5 Nicest Airports in the World

With the invention of flight, we became more of a global community.  Flying around the world is no longer reserved only for the rich or famous, as more and more are learning to do so, even on a budget. With the rise in air travelers also comes a great burden on the airports, many...
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Top 9 Travel Blogs

It seems these days everyone is trying to build an online presence in search of fame. Everywhere you turn, travel blogs abound.   So, when one is planning their vacation and looking for the latest trends and insights in world travel, where can one go?  We have a treat for you. ...
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Top 7 Travel Tips When Traveling Abroad

Travelling abroad can be a  highly rewarding and  life-changing experience, but if  you happen to become victim of unfortunate circumstances, it can quickly turn into a nightmare that seems to never end.  There are certain things one should do prior to any trip so far away from...